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Life Insurance Policy Scam

Nearly every week we're asked about a fishy sounding communique one of our clients has received. For the record, this is NEVER bothering us! We would much rather you ask for a second opinion than send your money to a Nigerian prince or a charity to save the Mongolian Brush Tiger.

These scummy scammers even try to hit us up, so we thought we'd share when that happens. There are a few things in this particular letter we wanted to draw your attention to (so we marked them with numbers), but really the language throughout the whole thing is pretty much a giant red flag.

Scam letter

1. This actually had the name of one of Mark's relatives. The rest of the information is incorrect, but that could have caught some unsuspecting victims.

2. The letter says the policy would be canceled in May, but the letter was sent in June.

3. Uh, if this 'attorney' is deceased, how is he going to help us claim this policy?

4. That doesn't look like it says Alex Mitchell to us.

We Googled the address this letter came from. It is the address of a legitimate law firm in the UK, and they've written right on their website that scammers have used their name and information.

As always, Mark's words of wisdom remind us all to be skeptical and get a second opinion:

-'ain't nothin' free'

-'if you didn't enter a drawing, how could you possibly win it?'

-'if it's too good to be true, it is.'


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