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Meeting Room

Your next seat is right here. Tax prep and bookkeeping about helping people, especially our own. We have everything you need to learn and grow.


Excellence loves company, so we're always looking to add talent to our outstanding team.



Pay Dependent On Experience

Benefits, paid time off, paid sick leave, life insurance, professional development, and more.


$40,000 - 60,000/year

Benefits, paid time off, paid sick leave, life insurance, professional development, and more.


$60,000 - 80,000/year

Benefits, paid time off, paid sick leave, life insurance, professional development, and more.

We're a family,
not another firm.

If you want room to grow and are looking for near-term partner or potential ownership opportunity, then the next stage of your career is right here at our rapidly growing, professional, tax-oriented CPA firm. Our staff works hard, plays hard, and loves each other.  We also love dogs and have some on our payroll. Our firm cares about its family.

Our clients are part of our family and we treat them as such. This is a community of people who care for one another. It’s this philosophy that’s the reason for our exponential growth. Our clients are treated with respect, given individual attention, and they come back with their friends. We believe in helping people and with every return we prepare, we always remember it's a person, not a tax return.

At our firm, we work together to find solutions for our clients. Everyone on our team is part of the process, which means we're constantly growing and learning together. It's a top-down approach to staff growth and professional development that we think is a great solution for those who want to be what our clients deserve, the best.


We believe in taking care of our people to the best of our ability. Full time staff positions include health insurance, paid vacation and sick leave, paid holidays, Fridays off during non-peak seasons, life insurance, patience and flexibility when life happens, and stress-relieving office dogs. You'll also have some of the finest co-workers anyone could ask for.

Meeting Room


We believe in the power of office culture and impromptu meetings as we work as a team to quickly overcome issues for our clients. A warm and in-person welcome is what our clients deserve and it's this belief that's part of what draws them in and keeps them here. We can all agree that long-distance relationships just aren't quite the same, so if you're looking for remote work, we appreciate your interest in our firm, but we should probably just be friends.

Seriously, though, our clients expect us to be here. They love that we're open year-round, that they always have a trusted professional on their financial team, and they want to meet with us. We all know meeting over the computer or a phone call just doesn't always cut it. Our clients deserve the best service we can offer, and that means having an office they can visit and staff they can talk to in person. 



tax managers &

tax accountants

  • Have recent experience in a CPA firm preparing personal and business tax returns

  • Believe that it's a person, not a tax return

  • Hold an active CPA license and have no disciplinary actions on your record

  • Be possessed of the highest professional ethics

  • Have QuickBooks and Excel proficiency, ProSeries experience a plus

  • Have earned an Accounting degree, Master's degree preferred

  • Be able to meet personably and effectively with a variety of individual and business clients to help answer their questions and solve their problems

  • Be a critical thinker with meticulous attention to detail who brings solutions, not problems

  • Have a lifelong dedication to learning

  • Be able to work overtime to meet seasonal deadlines

  • Love dogs (lint rollers are included in the benefit package)

Live where other people vacation

Grand Junction is where other people go on vacation. We get to live in the heart of Colorado’s wine country with innumerable outdoor recreation opportunities (biking, hiking, fishing, boating, skiing, climbing… it’s all here.) We have low violent crime rates, low property tax rates, four seasons (with a dry heat summer), and we’re two hours from pretty much anything else you might be looking for. This is the place we’ve chosen to raise our children, and we can almost guarantee you won’t live more than 20 minutes from the office.

Grand Junction is growing fast, but we still feel safe and quiet. That’s why we love it here. You will too.

Come work with us
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What's it going to cost me?

Frankly, it's possible you won't be making as much money as you would in a bigger city, but as a CPA you know cost of living is a factor that needs to be considered to help make a good decision.

There are a lot of tools out there to help you compare what you can expect to spend living in Grand Junction. The one we liked best is from NerdWallet, and it's linked below.

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