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Talking about taxes

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We do it all day long, but most people would rather, oh I don't know, go grocery shopping the day before the Super Bowl maybe. We're talking about talking about taxes.

The thing is, we've found nearly everyone wants to talk about taxes. Everyone has questions, everyone has concerns, and everyone wants to know how to keep more of their hard-earned money.

To help answer those questions and help others learn from those answers, we started a podcast. It's called $h*t You Didn't Know About Your Taxes. Turns out for a lot of folks, that's a lot. We're never short of ideas, but the podcast itself IS short, about 15 minutes.

Once a week, during your morning commute, we can answer those common questions we get in an (we hope) easy-to-understand way, and (we think) it's a little entertaining. Learn more about it in this TV story from KKCO.

You can subscribe to our e-memo to get notifications about when a new episode has been released.

Or, just check back every Friday morning to find this week's episode.

Have a question you want us to answer? Email us!

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