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Leigh Ashman, ME


Communications Director Leigh Ashman with her dogs.

If you're a former teacher, classmate, or someone who has witnessed me do math, don't worry! I don't do the taxes. Mark still holds the ghosts of algebra past against me. The closest I get to numbers around here is telling him it's time to do some harebrained marketing thing I just came up with. Yes, I'm the daughter. 

Not having a CPA-type brain, I love taking the technical information our clients need and explaining it in a way that I understand, and hopefully they do, too. In our firm, the ultimate goal of our communication and marketing efforts is not actually growth, it's education (and a little bit of entertainment) for our clients. 

When I'm not here, I'm making art in the massive garage/art studio/car shop/apartment my husband and I built in our backyard. Or rehabbing our cabin. Or landscaping. We do a lot of projects.

Next time you come in, ask me about whatever it is one of my three dogs just ate. I guarantee it'll be a great story.

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