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Shelley Carpenter, CPA


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When I told the people in my life I was going back into Public Accounting, they said I was nuts. But I have this crazy passion for adventure and taking on new challenges, so I thought, ‘why not just jump right back in?’


Honestly, helping people is what we’re really doing, and it’s my favorite thing. I love that I have the skills and knowledge to help them make strategic decisions in their businesses and personal lives. I know people think we’re locked in a room preparing returns 24/7, but we love talking with clients and getting to know them. Sure, working in a fast-paced environment with constant change appeals to me, but the biggest reason I came back is knowing that I’ll be part of people’s lifelong dreams of starting and owning a business. I own a business myself and know how much help small business owners need.


This is a great place to be, and I am so proud to be part of a group that not only cares about its clients, but its team members. Plus, it’s always a good day when you walk in and are greeted by three very happy and energetic Golden Retrievers.


I have been a CPA for 12 years (go Mavs!) and was a Controller for more than seven. People are always surprised when they meet me. They say, ‘Wow, an accountant with a personality. Interesting.’ You bet I’m interesting – just like all accountants! When I’m not in the office, you’ll find me dashing out the back door to the noon exercise class at Mesa Fitness, where I’m also a Les Mills Body Pump Instructor. I love the outdoors and have a deep passion for health and fitness. On the weekends, I’m sure to be out with my boyfriend on some adventure…  mountain biking, road biking, trail running, hiking backpacking, skiing, or camping. My guilty pleasure? Occasionally enjoying a good Lifetime Movie with my cats Biscuit and Earl. I’m fortunate to be close with my incredible family, whose only downside is living out of the state.


As I said, helping others and giving back means a great deal to me, which is why I am honored to serve on the Board of Directors for Foster Alumni Mentors.


Can’t wait to meet you all as I take my place on your financial team.

  • Mark Ashman CPA Grand Junction CO
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