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Chris Trotter, CPA, MBA


CPA and Tax Manager Chris Trotter while skiing.

People often ask me why they need an accountant.  The answer is simple: because for every tax problem, there's a solution that's straightforward, uncomplicated, and wrong. Unfortunately, the world of tax is hardly ever straightforward or uncomplicated and people need someone who can help them navigate the twists and turns of the tax code. Additionally, the best answer today can be the worst answer tomorrow when the laws inevitably change.   

As a public accountant, I try to make understanding the tax implications of various situations easy for our clients to understand. I can’t promise that sitting down and talking taxes won't put you to sleep or make your eyes cross, but I try to make it as painless as possible.   

My main areas of focus are small business and individual taxation.  I am also very focused on the developing and unique challenges presented in the areas of industrial hemp and recreational marijuana taxation. I believe people in those industries shouldn't feel like they have to find a CPA on the Front Range, who they can’t sit down with, in order to get answers to their questions.

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