Jorge Pantoja, CPA


CPA and Tax Manager Jorge Pantoja enjoying a hike

People often ask me how I can do the work I do. It’s something I’ve been drawn to much of my life. It started when I watched my parents struggle to file their taxes after we moved to Delta, CO from Durango, Mexico. There wasn't much help, explanation, or advice available for them in Spanish or English in a way they could actually grasp. I never forgot seeing the need for professionals able to explain complex matters in a way non-experts could understand.

To help fill that void, I moved to Grand Junction in 2011 to go to college and had an idea about what I wanted to study. I graduated with honors from CMU in 2016 after learning three big things: a new language, accounting, and how to be an adult. Since then, I've earned my CPA, become a US citizen, and prepared tax returns for five years. Along this journey, I've found great people who have played an important role in my life, and I really believe you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. 

Most of us file our taxes every year, but not many people actually understand why certain issues happen or how they can be solved. In a nutshell, that’s the value I bring to every client. I want to become their trusted partner in these matters, seeing them not just once a year to file their returns, but throughout the year as an important part of their business and ultimately their success. 

I like the structure of business tax returns because they all have their uniqueness. Plus, I like seeing local businesses succeeding, and the feeling I get when I get to help with their accounting matters to further that success is simply amazing.


When I’m not here working on those unique returns, I’m spending time with family and friends in activities that regularly include food and/or soccer. I serve on the boards of the Western Colorado Latino Chamber of Commerce and the Colorado Minority Business Advisory Council. My goal is to positively change my community. Don’t know that I’ll do it, but I'm definitely proud to be out there trying every day.

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