Office dog, Golden Retriever Westley

I'm the best boy. And I deserve cookies. All the cookies. Or anything else you have to eat.

My job around here is pretty simple. I'm adorable, I'm fun to pet, I like to play with my co-workers, and I greet clients. Especially those who bring me cookies.

When I'm not here sleeping in the middle of the floor and making my co-workers rub my belly, I'm out running with Mark, playing with Leigh's dogs who are my best friends, or sitting quietly beside Amy as she sews.

If you've been a client for awhile, you probably are wondering why I'm the only one here. We lost Katie in December of 2019 and Maggie in February of 2020. I've been kinda lonely ever since, but Amy says she's looking for a playmate for me. Keep your paws crossed for me, ok?

  • Mark Ashman CPA Grand Junction CO
  • Mark Ashman CPA Grand Junction CO